Interactive Music Room brings in new age of Xbox

Interactive Music Room brings in age of the new Xbox"
Xbox Music evolves

Microsoft has announced The Music Room, an interactive two-part series that aims to put Xbox users in the driving seat.

The show will be exclusively available to Xbox Live subscribers and will let users to decide the direction the show takes and "determine the show's finale in real-time."

It's a sure sign of the direction we can expect the new Xbox to take, offering a broader entertainment experience than the rivaling PS4, which is banking on traditional gaming winning out.

Rocking out with Xbox

The show will be presented by Channel 4 presenter Laura Jackson, with a lineup of other music artists including former Libertines frontman Carl Barât.

The show kicks off on May 29 at 8:30pm and we expect this will be an early test for whatever new multimedia offerings the new Xbox to bring.

"I'll be asking you, the Xbox audience, to shape what happens next by getting interactive," said Jackson in one of the released videos. Check out an introduction video below.

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