13 features the PS4 needs to be a kick-ass console

usb video

8. USB video content support

While USB sticks can be plugged in for game saves and screenshots, video content is currently a no. Add in the lack of MP3 support and that's most USB media options off the cards. It's most certainly an admirable anti-piracy feature but in these heady days of YouTube, video content doesn't always have to be illegal versions of Game Of Thrones and the lack of support for any media whatsoever is a definite loss to the overall functionality of the PS4. We know an update can fix all this so this would be nice sooner rather than later.


9. Instantly streaming demos

Another feature tied heavily into the Gaikai cloud streaming service, instant demo time is a delightful dream of trying games without that pesky loading bar getting in the way. While we're always grateful to try anything for free, the current demo set up on the PS Store still involves a hefty wait time, with many games downloading the whole lot onto your PS4 anyway before asking for the magical money key to unlock the rest. Gaikai streaming will remove all this and hopefully we'll see this feature before the end of the year so all we'll have to worry about in future is the speed of our broadband.

download times

10. Reduced download times

Like Captain Planet and pollution, Mark Cerny promised to reduce loading times down to just about zero with the slightly terrifying prospect of the PS4 getting to know our specific likes and dislikes and then downloading content accordingly. While it might be a little scary to find just the content you are looking for already waiting on your menu screen, it would be a step in the right direction to find the newest Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us sitting there as soon as it's available on the store. However when it comes to spending actual money, it would be nice for my PS4 to know I'll want Assassins Creed Unity but I'd still rather I made the decision for it. The little Templar might buy the wrong season pass.


11. Better PS Store pricing

If Sony wants us to start doing this online buying thing and pre ordering to make the most of the upcoming preloading feature, then prices are going to have to get a little more realistic for triple A titles on the Store. Steam doesn't seem to have taught anyone anything yet so visit the pre order section and you're met with a wall of £54.99s and £64.99s for virtual products. While this might be the in store price, it's still more attractive to buy in a physical shop with reward point offers and possible discounts. A sub £50 asking price would make us question whether it's worth the walk to the shops in the first place.


12. Trophy noises

Due to the fact that no one except that commuter on the bus who always sits behind you leaves their keytones on, it's only natural to do the same with the PS4 and turn them off as fast as humanly possible. However, for us trophy hunters, this has the distinct disadvantage of removing the iconic and ever-satisfying 'Pling' when we've added another virtual piece of silverware to the cabinet. It's fine to see the notification appear at the top of the screen but like Pavlov's Dog we like rewarding noises, dammit. Surely there's a downloadable little switch Sony can pull to disconnect these two sound effects and let us aurally enjoy each mini metallic pat on the back as it happens?


13. Stop being camera shy

Other than it recognising your smiling face when you turn it on – which is nice, because, y'know, FRIEND - there's very little that the PlayStation Camera is actually doing other than gazing fondly across the room at you. It's excellent for voice recognition but other than the PlayRoom with its flickable robots and giant rubber duck, there's very little else for the Wall-E alike to do when it comes to games. More camera friendly titles than just Just Dance would be agreeable. We're not looking across at Fantasia: Music Evolved and sighing heavily. No. Not us. If nothing else, Project Morpheus will make it all worthwhile when it uses the Camera for advanced head tracking.

What PS4 features would YOU like to see in future updates? Let us know!

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