Can't make it to E3? Catch Sony's press conference on the big screen

Catch Sony's E3 conference on the big screen

In what has to be the nerdiest thing on the silver screen behind Captain America: Civil War, Sony announced the return of the PlayStation E3 Experience, where it plans to air its E3 2016 press conference in select cinemas.

Over 85 movie theaters in the US, Canada, and Latin America will livestream the event at 6pm PST on June 13. A full list of participating theaters is available on PlayStation's official blog.

In addition to the HD simulcast of PlayStation's latest announcements, entry to the event also includes digital swag and a novelty commemorative cup to fill up with fizzy sugar liquids before the the two-and-a-half-hour event.

Sony first introduced the PlayStation E3 Experience in 2014, with the number of participating theaters more than doubling over the last two years. We guess people must've reeeeally liked those commemorative cups.

Signup for tickets begins tomorrow, May 31 at 10am PST. Sony isn't charging for entry into the event, but space will be limited to a select number of available seats.

While comfy chairs, Junior Mints, and a half-gallon of Mr. Pibb would certainly make Sony's press conference more enjoyable, we would still advise planning any future dinner-and-a-movie dates around an actual feature film.

Parker Wilhelm
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