But do you need a £200 headset for Angry Birds?

But do you need a £200 headset for Angry Birds?
Squawk in 7.1

7DiG has spent the week trying to work out if using casual games makes it a casual gamer and just how many hours on a casual game makes it a hardcore game, but also made time to bring you the cream of the gaming news crop.

Some people might use the term 'batsh*t mental' to describe forking out around £220 on a headset for your Xbox 360. But 7DiG is using the ridiculous but awesome RAT 7 mouse at the moment, so we are firmly in the camp of 'if our mates can cough up £300 on a golf club then we can spend what we bloody well want on our hobby'.

RAT 7 - not up a drainpipe

The casual/commuter gaming market is having an interesting week what with the launch of Amazing Alex, Amazon launching GameCircle and our update on iOS racing games.

But Zynga, the company who infested our Facebook with talk about sheep, fields and cows in Farmville, is not sure if it's confident about investing in mobile, despite investing heavily in mobile. Odd

Fortunately, Rovio, who has made most of its cash from mobile (and plush toys) is confident that it can make the leap (possibly via catapult) to a whole new platform and is launching Angry Birds for Xbox 360, PlayStation and 3DS.

Elsewhere, the Nintendo 3DS has finally hit the 5 million mark in the US, which has been some time coming but gives good ol' Nintendo something to crow about. [CVG]

You should probably check out the Halo 4 trailer, which looks a bit good. The people in it look almost real…

Fascinatingly, Microsoft has been linked with buying a majority share in Activision – the gaming house behind the now legendary CoD series [CVG]

Anyway, on to the best of the links from around the business…

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