Bungie moons over next-gen Xbox, PS4 graphics with new Destiny screens

Bungie Destiny moon next-gen
Bungie's 'Destiny' will take players to the moon and far beyond

Bungie this week released some new images from its upcoming next-gen game, Destiny, showing off a futuristic vision of Earth's moon.

Destiny will be released on a variety of game platforms, including Sony's PS4 (and very likely Microsoft's Xbox One console), so poring over these gorgeous screenshots may provide a hint at the new systems' next-gen graphics capabilities.

Released on Bungie.net, the images show man-made structures and a massive pit lined with machinery on the surface of the moon in Bungie's upcoming space-faring shooter game.

"Early exploration attempts have proven too dangerous," a caption reads. "The City has since classified Earth's Moon as a Forbidden Zone."

Bungie Destiny next-gen graphics moon

The moon is not a friendly place in Bungie's futuristic shooter

Next-gen possibilities

Sony unveiled its next-gen PlayStation 4 console in February, and while we thought the company was playing it a little too safe, the system clearly showed potential as well.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is scheduled to lift the curtain from the new Xbox console next week.

Bungie staff were present on-stage during the PS4 announcement to talk about Destiny, and the same may be true at Microsoft's conference, as Bungie has promised that the upcoming game will be a multi-platform title.

Bungie's Halo series was exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox, but the studio amicably parted ways with Microsoft and has since partnered with Call of Duty publisher Activision to ensure Destiny has a wider reach.

A dangling space carrot

Destiny will be Bungie's first game since the Seattle studio handed development of Halo off to Microsoft-owned developer 343 Industries.

The game has been described as a sci-fi shooter with innovative online multiplayer capabilities that will allow players to jump seamlessly in and out of one another's games.

Bungie has a history of releasing new assets and information from its projects piecemeal to keep fans interested, and Destiny is no exception. Images of other environments and characters are strewn around the studio's website, and art from Mars and Venus is expected be revealed at some point in the future.

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