Alien: Isolation creators still need to 'figure out' virtual reality

Giv'us a kiss

We can confirm that Alien: Isolation is grip-the-controller-until-your-fingers-bleed terrifying, but where there's a will to turn up the scare dial from 10 to 11, there's a way.

And so Creative Assembly demoed a section of the game with the Oculus Rift at this year's E3, allowing virtual reality to add a whole added level of immersive fear.

We all had our fingers crossed that a full Oculus version of the game was in development, before Creative dashed those hopes back in July, stating that a full VR experience wasn't being worked on.

But speaking to TechRadar, Al Hope, the game's creative lead, did not totally dismiss a full virtual reality version of the game. He said that the team is just a bit unsure of how to tackle it.

Fear factor

"For us, it's our first steps into VR," he said. "We need to figure out where we go from there. We tried this thing, it was really cool and we're so pleased people liked it, but we need to figure out what it means"."

Creative Assembly realises just how perfectly suited its game is for virtual reality, and is completely aware of how phenomenal the E3 reactions were earlier this year.

"That was our prototype experience," Hope told us. "I was really keen for us to do it because I had a demo of Oculus Rift at GDC last year and I kept thinking 'our mechanics, our gameplay on this hardware is perfect'"

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