Two and a Half Megamen, Sesame Streetfighter... video game sitcoms we'd actually watch


Some bright spark/marketing professional started the Twitter game #videogamesitcoms. It quickly "went viral" and hit a trending bar near you, giving rise to some of our favourite cross-media mashups of all time.

Here are eight video game sitcoms that we'd probably watch:

Two and a Half Megamen


Two Megamen and a normal sized man live together in a house. One of the Megamen is a hit with the Megaladies, the other is a Meganiceguy who always finishes Mega last. After several years of inexplicably unfunny capers, it turns out that the Megamen are figments of the man's imagination. Rush the robot dog is in it. Everyone dies at the end.

Orange is the New Black Ops


A group of badass women are incarcerated for crimes of varying intensity. One day they stumble across a hoard of weapons. Instead of turning them on each other, they mobilise and use them to take over the prison and create a matriarchal utopia. In the final episode, they wake up and it turns out it was all a dream.

Sesame Streetfighter


Bert and Ernie are 'doing in' Big Bird behind Hooper's Store. Elmo's learning to count to 10 as he pins Grover in the cobra clutch, coaxing the last whispers of life from his furry blue face. Kids, can you spell "Subdural hemorrhage"?

Grand Theft Otto


A school bus driver basically re-enacts the film Drive forgetting that he has a bus full of kids, a plucky school principal and his trusty groundskeeping side-kick in hot pursuit. Everyone dies at the end.


Pac Adder

A sardonic yellow circle finds itself surrounded by idiots in various situations throughout history. In the final series he realises at last that he himself was the real idiot. But also so was everyone else there.

Everybody Loves Rayman


A suburban dad loses all his legs and arms in a terrible accident but gains some magic powers in the process. His family try to adjust to his new life with hilarious consequences. Everyone dies at the end.

Boy Meets World Of Warcraft


A 42-year-old goblin comes of age by fighting ancient foes and trying to impress the girl next door.

Mario Party of 5


Mario and Luigi have been left orphaned and it falls to them to raise Toad, Peach and Yoshi and keep the family plumbing business afloat, all while trying to find both love and themselves.

And finally...


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