GameStop has really great Cyber Monday deals on PS4, Xbox One and HTC Vive


GameStop is proving to literally one-up the best Cyber Monday deals out there on PS4 and HTC Vive by providing an extra games and deeper discounts along the way.

It has what will go down in history as Cyber Monday 2016's best PS4 deal, costing just $249 for the PS4 console + 3 top games. It's the normal Uncharted 4 bundle everyone else has with a 500GB console, plus GameStop throws in two more titles to sweeten the package.

We haven't found a Cyber Monday deal this good through Walmart, Best Buy or Amazon. Not even close.

The Last of Us Remastered is the second free game of this PlayStation 4 bundle, and this is another Naughty Dog-developed game you shouldn't miss on the console. Then you have Ratchet & Clank, the PS4 remake of the original hit PS2 game from back in the day.

While GameStop claims that the original list price is $299, the value of this bundle is worth so much more when each game originally cost $59.99 on its own. We haven't found a Cyber Monday deal this good through Walmart, Best Buy or Amazon. Not even close.

PS4 Pro and Xbox One on sale

You can get the PS4 Pro for $30 off through eBay right now (there is an expired deal through Amazon that was $60 off–it went lightning fast). 

However, the current best value for the PS4 Pro is at GameStop, as the newest version of Sony's home console costs the normal $399, but comes with two games (the normal PS4 Pro comes with no games). While it doesn't have Uncharted 4 as a pack-in, you do get Ratchet & Clank and The Last of Us Remastered.

GameStop also has an exclusive Xbox One S bundle with Gears of War 4 for $249.99 – but it's just that this is the deep blue color of the console. We've found this deal at other retailers, minus the unique hue. That doesn't take away from the fact that this is a great price for an Xbox One.

Not mature enough for Gears of War 4? Microsoft also put out an Xbox One S bundle with MineCraft that kids and adults both love, and it retails for a similar $249.99 price today.

The PS4 Pro and Xbox One S are the latest version of the Sony and Microsoft console respectively. PS4 Pro is a 4K capable video game system capable of 'enhanced graphics,' while Xbox One S is a slimmer version of the original monster console.

HTC Vive deal for Cyber Monday

Some retailers are offering HTC Vive for $699. Some are offering it with a pair of free games at its normal $799 price. GameStop is throwing up its arms and combining the two deals into one package.

GameStop takes $100 off HTC Vive for Cyber Monday in a deal that launches you into virtual reality with two free games: The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed and Zombie Training Simulator.

The only other online store still offering this discount on this VR headset is the official HTC Vive store, and it doesn't come with free software.

You can find more Cyber Monday deals in the US throughout the day on TechRadar, for Gamestop and other retailers like Walmart and Amazon. The discounts are non-stop, or at least until midnight.