Galaxy Fold release date still unconfirmed; Samsung CEO asks 'give us a little more time'

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold release date is still a mystery, as the South Korean firm confirms that it's still testing its revised foldable phone.

Samsung had to address issues that led to a number of review handsets breaking just before the Galaxy Fold was due to go on sale to the public back in April.

Samsung CEO, DJ Koh, told TechRadar during a round table interview "when those things happen (the issues with the Fold), I try to understand why this happened... I always make the focus to resolve and even find the root causes [of the issues]."

And Samsung is still working on resolving the issues, with Koh saying "at the moment more than 2,000 devices are being tested right now, in all aspects.

"I will say, we defined all the issues, some issues we didn't even think about, but [we found out about them] thanks to our reviewers, [and] mass volume testing is ongoing."

Koh will sign off on Fold launch

It's clear that Samsung isn't giving up on the Galaxy Fold, and it appears confident that it will be able to reintroduce the handset to the market - whenever the right time comes.

Koh went on to say that once he sees these that the issues have been resolved, only then will he announce a new Galaxy Fold release date. For now though, Koh said "give us a little more time."

There's still a chance for Samsung to launch the Galaxy Fold ahead of its closest rival, with the Huawei Mate X launch also delayed as the Chinese firm puts its handset through more rigorous tests before unleashing it on the world.

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