Fitbit Premium subscription cost won't be going up, says Fitbit

Fitbit Sense
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Fitbit has released a statement regarding the Fitbit Premium subscription. This follows rumors that the company could be considering upping price points or including new tiers to encourage free users to subscribe.

The statement outlines that Fitbit has no plans to announce changes to Premium subscriptions at this time, reassuring its commitment to its user’s data privacy.

The full statement from Fitbit reads: “We continue to invest in Fitbit Premium, our subscription service launched in 2019, to bring even more health and wellness insights and motivation to people around the world. Like many brands, we occasionally survey our user community to gain valuable feedback on everything from features they might like to see to pricing, and this helps us continue to deliver accessible tools that will help users meet their unique health goals.

“We are not announcing any changes to Fitbit Premium pricing at this time and want to assure customers that as stated, we will continue to protect Fitbit users’ privacy by maintaining strong data privacy and security protections, giving you control of your data and staying transparent about what we collect and why.”

In good health

Fitbit’s statement will be reassuring to many who were concerned that Google’s acquisition of the fitness device company might cause a considerable shake-up in how it prices its Premium service.

Some Fitbit smartwatches are now available for purchase on the Google Store, and both companies will be working together to create future hardware that will likely integrate Google’s Wear OS. As such, it makes sense for Fitbit not to fiddle with the Premium subscription model just yet.

At least as of now, Fitbit Premium looks like it will remain unchanged, but we’ll let you know if any updates to the service come to light.

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