Fitbit Pay has launched in the UK, but you probably can't use it yet

One of the key highlights of Fitbit's first smartwatch is the ability to be able to make payments while you're out for a jog or a long distance run through its new Fitbit Pay technology.

It works in a similar fashion to Apple Pay and Android Pay, but so far it hasn't been available on the watch in the UK despite it being on sale from Fitbit since October 1.

The service has now launched in the UK after the Fitbit Ionic landed on October 1, but right now Fitbit Pay is very restricted and its unlikely you'll be able to use it at the moment.

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If you want to use Fitbit Pay in the UK today you'll need to be with Starling Bank which only achieved its official banking status last year and opened its app up to customers around the country in March 2017. 

That means right now the amount of people who will be able to join up to Fitbit Pay in the UK are very small.

Fitbit has confirmed the company is currently in discussions with other banking providers all over the country, but it does feel very limited compared to Apple Pay or Android Pay right now.

Android Pay currently supports over 20 banks while Apple Pay lists over 25 banks on its official website. Fitbit is going to have its work cut out for it to catch up to the work Google and Apple have put in on those services.

We'll be sure to update our Fitbit Ionic review when we hear word of more banks supporting the service.

James Peckham

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