Firefox will soon let you have multiple picture-in-picture video windows

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The introduction of a picture-in-picture option in web browsers dramatically changed the way we watch videos online. Rather than being tied to watching footage in a browser window or tab, P-in-P ­made it possible to view videos in a dedicated, always-on-top, floating window.

Now Mozilla is taking P-in-P to the next level. The latest update to picture-in-picture makes it possible to have two or more video windows open at once. The great news is that you can try out this feature right now; here's what you need to know.

At the moment, the stable release version of Firefox only lets you have one picture-in-picture window running at once. In a proposed break from what Firefox and other browser currently offer, Mozilla is experimenting with giving users the option of running two or more P-in-P windows at any given time.

While the option of having multiple picture-in-picture videos running at once is not going to be everyone's taste, it is still a handy option for anyone who wants to be able to easily switch between two or more videos without having to faff about with several browser tabs.

Video, video, video

While it is probable that the feature will make its way to the stable release version of the browser, for now the option is only available in Firefox 84 Nightly which is available for download here.

With this version of Firefox installed, you will still have to manually enable multiple picture-in-picture mode:

  1. Fire up Firefox and pay a visit to about:config
  2. Search for media.videocontrols.picture-in-picture.allow-multiple and configure the option to be enabled by selecting true
  3. Restart Firefox and enjoy multiple instances of P-in-P

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