Facebook smartwatch: here's everything we know so far

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If you like big tech companies hoarding all your personal data, and you already own the Amazon Halo or a Google Wear OS watch, then you're going to absolutely love what Facebook has up its sleeves – apparently, the brand is working on its own smartwatch.

Yep, to join the Facebook Portal and Oculus VR headsets in its hardware roster, Facebook is apparently working on a debut wearable that could be out... well, at some point in the future.

You see, we don't really know anything about the Facebook smartwatch at all. The company has stayed silent on its future hardware and wearable plans, and all we know comes from a few reports based on leaked and rumored information.

Just to be clear, this isn't Facebook Watch – that's a way of watching TV with other people over the world over the Facebook platform. Since most companies just take their name and slap 'watch' on the end – think Apple Watch – Facebook is going to have to come up with a more original name for its wearable.

When we get some solid information on the Facebook smartwatch we will, of course, share it with you, but here we've collated all the information we've heard so far into one article to keep you in the loop – here's everything you need to know about Facebook's mystery wearable.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Facebook's first smartwatch
  • When is it out? Rumors suggest sometime in 2022
  • How much will it cost? Apparently around $400 (roughly £280, AU$520)

Facebook smartwatch release date and price

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We've heard multiple times that Facebook's debut smartwatch will launch sometime in 2022. That's quite a big window, and one we've no way of narrowing down just yet.

According to one report, Facebook plans to launch a second-gen version in 2023, so this could become an annual product. That's a way off though, and the facts could change depending on how the first device is received, so take that particular detail with a large side of salt.

With regards to a price, a separate report suggests that the wearable could cost in the region of $400, which converts to around £280 or AU$520; that's a very rough estimate though, so the final price could be quite different.

News, leaks and rumors

So far we've heard two main reports about the Facebook smartwatch, and they present wildly different pictures of the function and design of the device.

The earliest report depicted Facebook's debut watch as being a health-focused wearable, as well as a communications device – apparently it'll have loads of health features, will work in tandem with devices like Peloton bikes, and will let you access Facebook's suite of apps, including Messenger.

The second report suggests that the watch will have a front-facing camera, and a detachable display with a second camera that records in 1080p – it sounds like this would enable it to be used as an action cam. This report also stated that the watch will have a heart rate monitor.

Both reports concur on certain details, such as the watch's 2022 release date and the fact that it will have LTE connectivity.

We'll likely hear more reports on the Facebook watch as time goes on, especially in 2022, so we'll update this article when we see them.

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