Facebook gets musical with singalongs and soundtracks


Facebook has launched a bundle of new tools to make your social media experience more musical. The first, Lip Sync Live, began rolling out in June, but is now available to everyone. As the name suggests, this is a kind of mute karaoke that lets you mime along to songs that play in the background.

Facebook has secured rights for songs from artists including Maroon 5 and Khalid, and more tracks from various labels will be arriving over the coming months.

You'll see the option when you start a live video. Viewers will be able to see the name of the artist, and tap through to see their page and follow them.

Tune in

Another new feature is the ability to also add soundtracks to photos and videos in your Facebook News Feed or Stories. Shoot or upload a picture or clip, then select the music sticker to add a track.

If that's not enough, your profile will soon have a new music section too, where you can pin songs to share them with friends. Tapping a song on a profile will play a brief clip, and display a selection of photos and videos from the artist. They can then add the song to their own profile, or visit the artist's page.

Facebook has been courting the music industry for a while (optional backing tracks for photos arrived on Instagram earlier this year), and it seems the work is starting to pay off. We'll be keeping an eye out for more collaborations with artists and labels in the coming months.

Via Forbes

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