Facebook and Instagram bring music features to Stories in India

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Facebook today announced a host of new features for Facebook and Instagram in India for users to better express themselves through music. Get ready for music in Stories, Live streams and on people’s profiles.

Music is often regarded as an entirely new form of communication. For Indians, music is an integral part of their lives, from weddings to celebrations and everywhere in between. Facebook wants users to be able to share their experiences around music with the roll-out of music products, starting with Stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Music on Facebook and Instagram Stories

Starting today, users will be able to share music in their stories. To use it, simply shoot or select a photo or video, head over to Stickers and add the Music sticker. You will be greeted with a huge selection of songs including those in regional languages, which will be highlighted at the top of your story. Apart from song and artist names, songs can also be searched for by film names, actor names or by language, which is a big feature for India.

Additionally, even lyrics can be added for songs (where available). These will automatically pop-up and can be interacted with just as normal stickers and even change the font and animation.

Lip Sync Live on Facebook

While starting a Live stream on Facebook, users can now select the “Lip Sync Live” option to perform and dub songs in real-time. Simply choose a song, add a small description, select additional filters or background to get started. Viewers will be shown the name of the song and the artist, along with a button to follow their accounts.

Music on Facebook profile

User profiles on Facebook already show a lot of information about a person, and now, you can also learn what sort of music they are into. A new “Music” section will be seen on profiles where you can add your most preferred tracks for everyone to view. Songs can also be pinned to the top of your profile, which will once again show the name of the artist and the song. Friends can play a small section of the song with the ability to hear the complete version on music streaming apps. They will even have an option to add the same song to their profiles. 

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