E.ON to spend £4m installing one of the UK’s largest heating and cooling systems

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E.ON is installing a one of the UK's largest heating and cooling systems at its Citigen energy centre in London. The new project will involve the installation of a heat pump that will draw heat from the natural warmth of the earth and will also recycle waste heat from power generation, which would otherwise be sent into the atmosphere.

The company believes that the project will cost around £4m to complete. However, it’s estimated that the project will cut the carbon emissions associated with heating and cooling by up to 50%. As an added bonus, it will also improve local air quality.

The project is ‘key to meeting the UK’s 2050 net zero targets’

As greater consideration is given to how the UK can meet its net zero targets in 2050, experts increasingly believe that we will need to completely reimagine how we provide energy to our homes and businesses. This will be particularly important in densely populated areas, such as cities like London.

Speaking about the project, Michael Lewis, CEO of E.ON UK, commented:

"In taking the next step and installing heat pump and geothermal technology at Citigen we’re making a powerful statement of what can be done to reduce carbon usage on a large scale.

"The Citigen building itself has a long and storied history, and our £4m investment in a zero carbon heating and cooling system gives it an exciting new chapter and makes sure it’s fit to support the capital’s cleaner future."

This is a view that’s also backed by energy minister Lord Callanan, who said that: "Heating in buildings forms a significant part of the UK’s carbon footprint, so changing how we warm and cool our homes and workspaces is a vital part of eradicating our contribution to climate change by 2050.

"Heat networks offer an effective way of reducing carbon emissions while bringing down costs to consumers.

"E.ON’s project is a commercial vote of confidence in heat networks and heat pumps, meaning homes and businesses across the City of London will benefit from clean heat and is another great example of how the pace of rolling out cutting-edge low-carbon technologies is being accelerated across the UK."

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