Doodle and paint directly in your browser with the new Chrome Canvas app

Chrome Canvas

With an uncharacteristic lack of fanfare, Google has released a drawing app for Chrome that allows you to doodle and sketch with realistic art media.

Visit to open Chrome Canvas and you can begin drawing with virtual pencils, chalk, markers and fountain pens (with an eraser to undo any mistakes). There are no plugins or other downloads necessary, and it works on any operating system.

You can create your own artworks from scratch on a blank canvas, or import an image to draw over, making Chrome Canvas an easy way to annotate images without loading a photo editor.

Quick draw

When you've finished your masterpiece, you can export it to your device using the button at the top right, and if you're logged into your Google account, it will be made available in a gallery that appears next time you visit Chrome Canvas (on any device).

As Chrome Unboxed notes, Google's lack of an announcement means it's impossible to know how long Canvas has existed, but it works smoothly with little latency and seems like it's pretty much ready for a public release.

Cat Ellis

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