WIN! A Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 home security camera

Launched just few weeks back, the Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 is the ultimate gadget in home security - perfect to protect your home, loved ones and all those other amazing gadgets of yours.

The Bullet HD 1080 offers outstanding high definition, 1080p day and night video with full resolution at 30fps.

The camera encompasses full Wi-Fi compliance, including Wireless N, so you can expect a super-wide wireless network range and incredibly fast operating speed, while the camera's built-in H.264 compression reduces bandwidth and storage requirements so you can be assured that the camera is operating with ultimate efficiency.

The Bullet HD 1080 comes jam-packed with professional quality features but is still simple and intuitive to set up via a single Ethernet cable plugged into the rear of the camera. The user interface further simplifies the camera's set-up and on-going functionality, making it easy to navigate through all the camera's features.

To ensure your home is secure 24/7, the camera is fully-weatherproof and ready straight from the box. Motion detection recording and alarms are also ready to go, all you need to do is enter an email address to which the alerts will be sent.

The on-board camera recording comes standard with a microSD card slot, plus it has also shrunk in size so the whole camera is now only just over 11cm, making it much stealthier when securing externally.

Like all Y-cam cameras, the Bullet HD 1080 offers great compatibility – it's fully operational with PC and Mac, works with all web browsers and is compatible with an increasing number of mobile devices.

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This competition is now closed. The winner is R Peterson.

Please note that this competition is only open to UK residents over 18 years of age.

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