Didn’t get your Google Pixel yet? You may be getting a freebie

Bad news: Some of you might be getting your Google Pixel phone later than expected.

Good news: Google may reward you for your trouble!

After receiving high praise from critics - ourselves included -  it appears Google is having a hard time keeping up with orders for its brand-new flagship phone.

This resulted in the search giant sending emails to customers late last week, saying it "may take a little longer" for those who purchased a Pixel around that time to receive the handset. 

To make good, the company intends to give those customers $50 in Google Play Store credit once their phone finally arrives as a token of appreciation.

In lieu of specific dates, Google's email only states that the delayed orders are now shipped and "on the way," though some customers on Reddit remarked that their phone will arrive only a few days off the original mark.

Patient Pixels

Given that a little extra waiting could result in $50's worth of apps, movies, music, YouTube Red, and more, Google's handout seems like a pretty good make-up call. 

That said, there's no way to tell exactly which day affected customers can expect a Pixel on their doorstep, though a Google representative tells us that they should expect their orders to arrive this week, if it hasn't shown up already.

It sounds like Google is a bit surprised by the demand for its new flagship phone as well ... not that it's complaining. 

“We’re thrilled to see the excitement for our new Pixel phones, and frankly pre-order demand has exceeded our expectations," a company spokesperson told TechCrunch. "We’re working to restock our inventory as soon as possible.”

At the time of writing, the larger 5.5-inch display Pixel XL is also selling fast - so much so that it's currently out of stock in the Google Store and putting interested customers on a wait list.

Via TechCrunch

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