Sony Vaio X Series laptop is world's lightest

Sony brings the X Factor to its Vaio range
Sony brings the X Factor to its Vaio range

Slim, sleek and light is the best way to describe Sony's new Vaio X Series notebook. Weighing in at just 655g, the launch of the laptop brings with it the boast of being the world's lightest (when it comes to those with screens 10-inches or lower).

The X Series houses an 11.1-inch screen, which is LED backlit, offers up multi-touch trackpad, and has something called Everwair WWAN, which enables you to log onto the internet even when there's no Wi-Fi available. While we would like to think you can do this because of magic, the system merely has 3G HSPA mobile broadband capabilities.

vaio x

Battery life is a very reasonable eight hours and this can be extended through the wonders of an optional extended X battery accessory.

Also on board is a Motioneye camera, 2GB DDR2 SDRAM memory, a 128GB SSD Flash drive (upgradeable to 250GB through the SonyStyle Store) and Bluetooth connectivety.

vaio x

When it comes to the look of the laptop, it's all about being stylish here. The chassis is both tough and light, cased in carbon fibre. There's also a smattering of aluminium on-board. As for colour, you have the choice of gold, black or premium carbon.

The release date of the Sony Vaio X Series is November, it will come packing Windows 7 and the laptop will cost around £800.

If you want to learn how the Z series works, then just check out TechRadar's hands-on with the product at this year's IFA show in Berlin.

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