HP turns the desktop PC into a 360-degree sound system

HP Pavilion Wave

The HP Pavilion Wave is putting a new spin on small cylindrical PCs by adding a high-fidelity 360-degree sound system.

Like the Mac Pro, the Pavilion Wave takes advantage of the space-efficient 360-degree design to create a desktop computer that's 85% smaller than a traditional PC tower. In fact, the unit measures 6.81 x 6.62 x 10.29 (W x D x H), making it about the size of a gallon of milk.

HP Pavilion Wave

Despite its small stature, you can pack a ton of power in this mini-desktop including 6th generation quad-core Intel Core i7 processors, optional AMD R9 M470 graphics and up to a 2TB HDD (with ab optional 128 GB SSD) and 16GBof DDR4 memory.

The cylindrical design also helps keep the PC cool by splitting the components into three separate zones including one for the motherboard, another for storage and a third for graphics, which all exhaust heat up wards. Just beneath the desktop's lid there 360-degree speaker that sounds just as good as a dedicated audio setup thanks to HP's audio partner Bang and Olufsen.

HP Pavilion Wave

For once you won't have to worry about picking a decent pair of computer speakers, because the Pavilion Wave is its own audio system. Beyond a great listening experience, the mini PC is also equipped with dual microphones so users can command their PC with voice commands directed to Cortana.

The HP Pavilion Wave will be available starting on September 16 with a base price of $529 (about £400, AU$700).

HP Elite Slice


HP is also introducing modularity and stacking to the PC market with its latest enterprise solution, the Elite Slice.

At its core is a Mac Mini-sized computing box that can be outfitted with Intel Core i7-6700T processors, 32GB of DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD. However, beyond basic specs users could also stack the Slice onto other modules for additional functionality.

HP Elite Slice

For example, the Audio Module adds a 360-degree Bang and Olufsen speaker designed for audio calls while the HP Optical Disc Drive gives you a DVD drive. There are a few other interesting components such as a Collaboration Cover, which adds a small set of capacitive touch keys for call management. If you want to charge your devices wirelessly, there's a Qi charging cover just for that too.

HP Elite Slice

The HP Elite Slice is an interesting take on the modularity we're seeing come to more devices like the Moto Z and LG G5. However, instead of having to it apart or relying on pogo-plugs, HP's solution uses USB Type-C connectors to link together the different components.

Available this September, the HP Elite Slice will start at $699 (about £530, AU$930) while a fully loaded Meeting Room version (with a Collaboration Cover, Audio Module and Intel Unite Software) will be priced at $949 (about £725, AU$1,263).

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