First Windows 8 PCs available, still infested with crapware

Windows 8 PCs
The initial Windows 8 PCs go on sale

The first native Windows 8 PCs have gone on sale in the US. But, if you were hoping that the new Windows would bring you a respite from years of new PC crapware hell, you'd be mistaken. has been offering two Gateway notebooks with Windows 8 preinstalled as well as other Acer machines. The images show them complete with Windows 8 stickering and new logo Windows key on the keyboard. Gateway is part of Acer (as Europe's Packard Bell is).

But instead of offering the vanilla Windows 8 experience we'd hoped for, it seems OEMs just can't resist the extra dollar, with CyberLink PowerDVD, Adobe Reader and Norton Internet Security Suite among the apps preinstalled. Then there's numerous extras from the OEMs themselves, including Acer Games and Gateway MyBackup Solution.

While these PCs are available to buy now, they won't be shipping until the Windows 8 release date – 26 October.

A missed opportunity?

ZDNet's Ed Bott noticed that the machines – which are similar to Windows 7 models – have new trackpads to enable edge swiping from the right for the new Charms menu and from the left for app switching. The Acer models also have new touchscreens.

Bott also points out that these machines come with Office 2010 Starter preinstalled which Microsoft has previously said to be phasing out.

Windows 8 PC spec

It's a shame to see the Windows 8 experience – which will be hard enough for people to get used to – blighted by unnecessary extras. Hopefully crapware won't appear on lower powered Windows RT devices. Is a crapware-infested PC really the experience Microsoft had in mind for Windows 8? If you haven't already, check out our Windows 8 review.

Via ZDNet


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