Asus unveils dual touchscreen 'flipbook'

Keyboard-less OLED Eee PCs?

Two such innovations that the Asus' Chairman feels consumers will see in the future are OLED screens (which will come eventually, but right now it is "just a matter of timing") and much-improved forms of human-machine interface, such as speech recognition.

"We hope one day we can get rid of the keyboard," said Shah, but was quick to add, "right now, that is not the right decision."

Back to what was on show and is set to be in stores over the coming months, Shih welcomed the lovely Carol on the stage to show off the new 'Seashell' Eee PC 1008HA, the Eee Keyboard PC and the latest incredibly thin and light Asus U and UX series of notebooks.

Affordable, fast slimbooks

Superslim is order of the day for the likes of Asus and competitors such as MSI at CeBit this year, with both companies clearly taking design inspiration from Apple and looking to make slim netbooks and notebooks far more affordable in 2009.

As for the Eee Keyboard PC, perhaps its most impressive feature is the wireless HDMI functionality, which lets you immediately switch between our home desk to using your LCD TV in the lounge into a monitor from the comfort of your sofa. Natch!

Either way, it's great to see Asus on form and pushing real innovation forward in the tech industry. Right now, we're heading to the booth to get a hands on with all this exciting new kit, so stay tuned for more details shortly.

Adam Hartley