Leap Motion launches in Australia

The 3D gesture control device Leap Motion has officially launched in Australia today and can be found exclusively at Dick Smith stores for $129.95.

The Leap Motion controller is a USB device that plugs into either a Mac or PC and can be used with apps found in Leap Motion's app store.

Equipped with a camera that can track a user's hands and 10 individual fingers in 3D space, it can track with an accuracy of 1/100 millimetre to the user's movements by snapping at 290 frames per second.

It supports Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8, and is apparently 200 times more accurate than other motion control cameras currently on the market, such as Microsoft's older Kinect sensor.

The cheaper option

While Leap Motion has also been available for Aussies through Leap Motion's own website since launching in the US back in May, a AU$32.99 delivery charge is tacked onto the AU$104.99 asking price.

This makes the gesture sensing controller in Dick Smith cheaper than going through Leap Motion's own site.

Leap Motion president and COO Andy Miller said in a statement that Dick Smith was an ideal channel because of the number of stores across Australia and the presence it has online.

"It's also an ideal place for even more people to experience the magic of using just their hands in the air to play, learn and create on their computers," he added.