Asus' big Google+ tease was a new DVD writer. No, really.

Asus' big Google+ tease was a new DVD writer. No, really.
No, this isn't a museum piece, it's Asus' new DVD writer

Asus had the tech world briefly intrigued on Friday evening when it teased a shiny new product on its Google+ page.

The company generated a decent amount of excitement by asked its Google+ followers to guess what the silver hunk of square-ish metal pictured in the post could be and promised a big reveal on Saturday.

Excited commenters predicted a new Zenbook laptop, another Asus Google TV device, a TV dock for the Padfone 2, a Google Chromebook, an Asus Steambox and even a Flux Capacitor (Great Scott!).

But, you know what nobody guessed? A DVD writer. You know what Asus revealed this afternoon? A DVD writer.

Works horizontally and vertically, don't you know?

However, this isn't just any old DVD writer. It's the world's slimmest at just 13.6mm. It works horizontally and vertically and is equipped with secure Disc Encryption II technology.

Following the big reveal, the company said it had noted user suggestions and didn't seem the least bit embarrassed about replacing those expectations with an endangered technology like a DVD writer.

The Google+ post read: "Thanks for your creative answers earlier. We noted your high expectations from ASUS as a brand and your thirst for other innovations from us. However, we have no plans to manufacture refrigerators, toasters or vacuum robots. For the other options: who knows, sometimes dreams come true."

Well played, Asus. You had us going for a minute there. The next time you tease a product launch we'll know not to pay attention.

Chris Smith

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