US college blocking Apple iPad connections

Apple iPad - not going to college?
Apple iPad - not going to college?

The Apple iPad may be selling so fast that hot cakes are feeling decidedly chilly, but it hasn't been an unmitigated success for the company, with US universities admitting that the device is causing them problems.

With the UK launch put back by a whole month due to the US demand for the device, Apple's iPad is performing above expectations in terms of sales, but some colleges are having trouble with the device.

Princeton has reportedly been blocking 20 per cent of devices from its Wi-Fi networks after noticing 'malfunctions that can affect the entire school's computer system.'

Apparently, Princeton is currently working with Apple to find a solution.

Not alone

The University is not the only one having problems, although for the most part it is the sheer amount of data being consumed by users of the device showing off its functionality.

But the questions over the device's Wi-Fi have certainly eased the pain of the UK delay, and Apple's rather failed attempts to tell us we should be pleased that there has been a delay.

With the US being told that the 3G version of the Apple iPad will be available on 7 May, and rumours about the next generation already circulating, the iPad certainly isn't struggling to keep itself on the news agenda.

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