The Odd Mac Out? Non-Retina MacBook Pro could be set for retirement

The Odd Mac Out Non Retina MacBook Pro could be set for retirement

Apple may soon cease production of the 13-inch MacBook Pro (without the one without Retina display).

DigiTimes (insert scepticism here) brings word the last of the classic MacBook Pro models will be phased out, joining with the 15-inch model that met its doom in 2013.

The basic MacBook Pro model, which is the cheapest of the range, hasn't had an upgrade since the summer of 2012 so it wouldn't be at all surprising if the Apple allowed it to ride off into the night.

Death to the classics

In recent times, the model has become the odd-man out in the MacBook equation, akin to the iPod classic of computing.

Since the last basic Pro update, the MacBook Air has become more powerful and less expensive, while Apple has placed its focus on the super high-res Pro models with Retina display.

If Apple were to bump off the device, fans may hope the price of those Retina Macs would come down to compensate, but that remains to be soon.

It is thought that new Retina devices featuring Intel's next-gen Broadwell processors will arrive this summer, potentially alongside a 12-inch version.

Via MacRumors