Steve Jobs says Google's "Don't Be Evil" mantra is 'bulls**t

Steve Jobs slams Google's "Don't Be Evil" mantra, following the iPad launch

Following the launch of the Apple iPad, the company's CEO, Steve Jobs, has branded Google's "Don't Be Evil" mantra as 'bulls**t' and said that the reason iPad and iPhone/iPod touch do not support Flash video is because Adobe is lazy.

Speaking to Apple employees at a company event after the iPad launch at One Infinite Loop, Jobs pulled no punches when discussing Google and Adobe, having plenty to say about Google's entry into the smartphone market with the Android-powered Nexus One and the reasons why Apple continues to not allow iPhone (and soon, iPad) users to watch Flash video on their devices.

Speaking about Google, Jobs stressed that Apple did not enter the search business. He added that employees should make no mistake and understand that Google wants to kill the iPhone.

Don't Be Evil is bulls**t

To top off the observations on Google, Jobs added: "I want to go back to that [Google] question first and say one more thing," he says. This don't be evil mantra: "It's bullshit."

Moving onto Adobe, Jobs said that the company was lazy and that Apple does not support Flash because it is too buggy, he says. The most common reason for a Mac crashing is because of Flash, he added.

Via Wired