Report: Siri to power Apple HD TV

Apple TV
Apple's 'guaranteed' HD TV will be powered by Siri according to reports

Apple's heavily-rumoured venture into the HD TV market will be powered by the Siri voice control app and will launch in early 2013, according to reports

The New York Times is claiming a massive inside scoop on the display Steve Jobs claimed to have 'finally cracked' in his official biography, which was released last Monday.

The 'paper says Apple has known since 2007 that it wanted to build a flatscreen TV, but the arrival of Siri with the iPhone 4S was a final piece in the puzzle.

A Siri-powered TV would almost make the remote control redundant, with viewers simply barking orders like "play Match of the Day" or "record Coronation Street".

Is this what Steve Jobs thought he had "cracked?"

Just a matter of time

The NYT piece says that Apple is waiting for the price of large LCD panels to fall before it begins building the television sets.

However the company is close enough, according to the report, that the launch may come as early as late 2012, although early 2013 is more likely.

The article closes by saying: "It is coming though. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when."

The New York Times article features some fantastic analysis, with word from unnamed Apple employees "guaranteeing" the launch. It's definitely worth a read.

Via: New York Times

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