How to install Mac memory

How to max out a Mac mini (Mid 2010 model and later)

1. Open up your Mac mini

step 1

Lay your Mac mini upside down and twist the circular black disc anti-clockwise a short distance. When the white dot on the disc aligns with the outlined circle on the casing, lift the disc off and lay it somewhere to the side.

2. Remove what's there

step 2

At either end of the existing RAM, you'll see little clips. Use your thumbs to press these outwards and gently pull the stick out. Align your new memory's gold connectors and notch with the slot – it'll only fit in one way round.

3. Clip in your new memory

step 3

Slide it into the slot at the same angle you removed the old chips, and when it's seated, you'll be able to press the top edge downwards to clip it in. Repeat for the second slot if necessary. Pop the black disc back on.

How to add memory to your iMac (any aluminium model)

1. Operate on your iMac

step 1

Lay a towel on your table, then lay the machine on its front with the bottom facing towards you. Lift up the stand to get at the panel on the bottom that covers the RAM slots. Undo the screw and take the panel off.

2. Pull out the RAM

step 2

On the chips you're going to replace, untuck the tongue and pull it towards you, being careful not to slide your Mac off the table. Take the old RAM and lay it to one side, then unwrap your new memory, ready to put in.

3. Insert the new chips

step 3

RAM will only go in one way round – the gold connectors go in first, with the notch closer to the right-hand end of the chip. Press the memory into the slots and tuck the tongues back in. Then screw back the cover plate. Done!

How to boost your Mac Pro (Early 2009 model and later)

1. Get inside your Mac Pro

step 1

Hold the side of the Mac Pro case and lift the latch on the back. The side will flip down; then lift it away. Now find the two latches on the horizontal bar towards the bottom. Push the outer ends slightly.

2. Remove processor tray

step 2

With the latches' inner ends loosened, pull them out to release the tray carrying the memory. Slide it out and lay it on a towel on a desk. There may be four or eight slots. Check the manual for the order in which to fill them.

3. Pop in the RAM

step 3

Press apart the clips at either end of the empty slots. Align the RAM with an empty slot, with the notch at the correct end. Press it down so the clips snap into place. Then slide the tray back, push the latches in and replace the panel.