Did Al Gore confirm multiple new iPhone models?

Al Gore
Has Al Gore let Apple's iPhone secret slip?

Former US Vice President Al Gore has taken time out from saving the world, and getting conned out of elections, to suggest there may be more than one new iPhone coming next month.

Global warming activist Gore, who is also an Apple board member, confirmed that new iPhones will be coming in October. That's plural, not singular.

The Next Web site is reporting that Gore told a leadership conference in South Africa: "Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug."

It remains unclear whether Gore meant that there would be multiple models or many of the same new model. The source, Stuff Magazine South Africa's Editor Toby Shapshak, says Gore did not clarify.

Clearly plural

Later on Twitter, Shapshak followed up by saying "I clearly heard "iPhones". I recorded it. Double checked. Clearly plural but could be millions of one model."

Speculation has been rife that Apple is targeting the pre-pay market with a scaled-back iPhone 4S model, which may launch alongside the long-awaited iPhone 5.

Regardless of how many iPhones will be launched, Gore's slip of the tongue is the first public confirmation from anyone connected with Apple that the company will launch new devices in October.

Earlier today we reported on leaks that point to an October 4th launch event with Tim Cook taking the stage in San Francisco.

via: The Next Web

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