Apple wins dispute over iPhone5 domain name

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Apple has won control of the domain name

Apple appears to have emerged victorious from a dispute regarding the domain name, a possible name for its new iPhone that could be named iPhone 5.

The domain was previously being used as a message board for iPhone-related discussions, but was not affiliated with Apple.

Apple filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to have ownership of the domain transferred to them earlier this month.

It's no secret that the unwritten laws of "first come, first served" don't apply in these cases. Apple has won previous WIPO disputes regarding domain names for and even

WIPO's case filing lists the dispute as "terminated," and has apparently been taken down, as the site now shows a blank white page.

What's next for

WhoIs lists's current owner as Corporation Service Company, a Delaware company that's apparently taken over control of the site for Apple.

Presumably, the domain will eventually redirect straight to Apple's new iPhone site when the next iPhone is announced. For now, it remains empty.

A Google cache of the iPhone 5 site before it was taken down reveals a brief and desultory farewell message from "Alex":

"Important case update: So, the domain name goes to Apple for free," the note reads, adding that PayPal donations "are welcome" and that he (or she) will "see everyone at"

At least until Apple sets their gaze on that site as well.

Will the new iPhone be called the iPhone 5?

Apple's desire to lock down the domain seems to indicate that the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 5, but that's not necessarily the case.

Previous iPhones have been labelled with sequential numbers indicating the chronology of their release, more or less. But the new iPad, which was expected to be called the iPad 3, was simply called the iPad, and the new iPhone could follow suit.

On the other hand, Wedbush analyst Scott Sutherland commented to TechRadar earlier this month that "the new iPad has created some confusion with the name," and that Apple "may be smart to go to iPhone 5 especially after doing the [iPhone] 4S."

Apple could reveal the new iPhone at WWDC next month, but until then they're not likely to announce anything.


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