Apple set to refresh MacBook Pros this week?

New MacBook Pros on the way from Apple later this week, with speed bumps and new features galore

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Apple has stopped shipping its current MacBook Pro models online, suggesting that a refresh of the high-end laptop range is set to arrive in the coming days.

Check out the Apple Store online today and you will see that Apple has increased its shipping dates to 2-4 days rather than its usual 24 hours.

Speed bumps and Light Peaks

Apple fans are, as ever, desperate to know what specification bumps and feature additions Apple will add to the new MacBook Pro this month.

The refresh announcement is expected to come from Cupertino on Thursday of this week, and we will of course be sure to bring you the full details the second the official press release drops into our inbox.

In the meantime, the most credible rumours we have heard about what's in store for the new MacBook Pro suggest that Apple will release five new laptops this week – two upgrades to the MacBook Pro 13-inch, two upgrades to the MacBook Pro 15-inch and one new version of the MacBook Pro 17-inch.

Light Peak in new MacBook Pro

There are also reports that we should expect a new high-speed connection technology from Apple called (internally) "Light Peak."

Light Peak is set to replace the multiple connectors we use for external peripherals and monitors, said to carry data at 10GB per second both ways at the same time (so a lot faster than USB 3.0 tech).

Mark February 24th in your diary if you are in the market for a new Apple MacBook. Or if you just want to remind yourself to check out the upgrades later this week.

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