Apple's suppliers see record July

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Largest sales month for Apple's suppliers point to iPhone 5's arrival

As iPhone 5 rumors continue to stack up in anticipation of the phone's expected release this fall, Apple's part suppliers recorded their biggest month to date, adding further fuel to the iPhone 5 fire.

The latest research report from Topeka Capital Markets (TCM) revealed sales from its proprietary 'Apple Monitor' rose 14 percent month-over-month.

That number nearly doubles the average monthly growth of 8.5 percent that's been seen over the past seven years.

TCM's analytical tool tracks sales trends across the highest revenue-generating Taiwanese suppliers, which provide parts to Apple, and is then compared to additional research to account for factors such as inventory adjustments.

TCM analyst Brian White said, "This July represents the strongest month-over-month sales growth of any July we have on record over the past eight years for the Apple Monitor."

Apple readying for 'biggest product launch in their history'

According to White's analysis, the tremendous leap in growth from last July's 7 percent points to the iPhone 5 arriving earlier than its expected October launch.

White believes the data is indicative of production at Apple's manufacturing plants ramping up for multiple new products, and says this could be "the biggest second-half product launch in Apple's history."

Though the iPhone 5's possible arrival has certainly been the most talked about device in recent weeks, the other new products White mentions could point to the release of an actual Apple TV, or the much talked about Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire competitor Apple is said to be working on, the iPad Mini.

Until more concrete information arises, we'll just have to hope the analysts are correct in their assumptions, and that their data is accurate.

Via Apple Insider