Apple's latest buy could make its screens brighter and more efficient

iPhone 5 screen
Did Apple need help with its display tech?

Word is Apple has acquired micro-LED screen tech company LuxVue, and Apple has released a statement that doesn't outright deny the transaction.

In Apple terms, that's as close to confirmation that anyone's going to get.

News of the purchase comes from TechCrunch, which reportedly spoke with "sources close to the transaction," and also received Apple's statement - "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."

The purchase was likely one of Apple's 24 acquisitions that took place during the past 18 months.

In the interest of self-betterment

LuxVue, which has accrued $43.8 million (about £26m, AU$47m) in venture capital funding since its founding in 2009, focuses on power-efficient LED screen tech that could hypothetically make Apple's devices simultaneously brighter and less power-hungry.

As usual Apple's plans are unclear, but CNET cited statements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook in a conference call last week (the same in which the 24 acquisitions were mentioned) as evidence of what the company might have in mind for LuxVue.

"We are not in a race to spend the most or acquire the most," Cook said. "We're in a race to make the world's best products, that really enrich people's lives. And so to the tune that acquisitions can help us do that and they've done that and continue to do that, then we will acquire."

Cook reportedly stressed that Apple's acquisitions are meant to further its existing products and R&D, not enter new markets or scoop up leading start-ups. In that light the LuxVue buy makes perfect sense.

There's more evidence in last year's rumors that Apple bought mapping company BroadMap and notes firm Catch, likely during the same period it may have bought LuxVue. The connection is tenuous, but examining these transactions together may help flesh out Apple's mindset - to use acquisitions to better its existing products.

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