Apple iPad 2 accessories revealed

Apple iPad 2 gets on the case
Apple iPad 2 gets on the case

Apple has outlined all the new accessories you can get for its brand-new iPad 2, including a HDMI out lead and some apparently smart cases.

Apple has always launched premium accessories alongside its premium products and this year is of no exception.

The standout is the HDMI mirrored video output lead. With this you can unsurprisingly output up to 1080p content from your iPad and it works with all apps, supports rotation, needs no setup or configuration and will charge your iPad while using it.

The price is a hefty $39, but this is Apple so there is bound to be a little bit of magic inside that warrants the price tag.

Another accessory is something called Smart Covers. These are covers for your iPad that are smarter than your average case.

Nope, this doesn't mean they can get at least one University Challenge question right, but they are made from *magic* magnets that grasp and auto-align to fit the iPad nice and snug.

Like a loving parent, they automatically wake the iPad when you open the case and put it to sleep when you close it.

You can remove the iPad within a second and they have a got a microfiber cloth that cleans the screen.

They also act as a stand and come in leather and poly. Price wise, you are looking at $69 for leather and $39 for plain, old poly.

The Apple iPad 2 release date is 23 March, with prices the same as the old iPad.

Marc Chacksfield

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