20 classic Apple App Store rejections

11. nin: access

Supposedly, nin: access got rejected because 'The Downward Spiral' was within a podcast that could be streamed from the app. The volume of Reznor's music is nothing compared to the synchronised face-palm of thousands of iPhone-owning NIN fans who heard this news. The app was later approved entirely unchanged.


12. Ninjawords Dictionary

To be fair to Apple, there's more to the Ninjawords story than Apple rejecting the dictionary due to it including offensive words, which was the claim at the time. Schiller later said Apple actually took offence at 'urban slang' terms the app unearthed due to the open-source nature of its content. Still, the episode left a sour taste regardless, and the app's 17+ rating seems over the top.


13. Party Trampoline

"You can't have Obama and other politicians bouncing about on a giant trampoline - it's offensive," said Apple. "What if we cover their heads with huge paper bags?" asked the developer. "Sure - that'd be just dandy," said Apple, presumably as forty billion irony machines exploded in the background.

Party trampoline

14. Pocket God

Surprisingly, even Bolt Creative's regularly updated Pocket God once suffered a rejection. It was twelfth time unlucky for the app when Apple decided the Something Fishy update violated Apple branding. It turns out an icon for 'gravity' - a simplified iPhone - was the cause. Replacing the icon got the app through, albeit too late for an amusing April Fool's Day gag to be relevant.

Pocket god

15. Podcaster

One of Apple's oddest rejections, podcast manager Podcaster didn't get the nod because Apple claimed it "duplicated functionality" - but of the desktop version of iTunes. The developer's since worked on RSS Player (depicted), version 2 of which is, ironically, in review at the time of writing.


16. Pull My Finger

Initially rejected due to "limited utility," Apple later relented and allowed Pull My Finger on to the App Store. About fifty billion fart apps have subsequently been approved, and we therefore somewhat sympathise with Apple on this one.

Pull my finger

17. South Park

Oh my God, Apple killed South Park! Back in 2008, the app was rejected twice for being "potentially offensive," unlike, say, the seasons of South Park for sale on iTunes, or the South Park movie for sale on iTunes, which boasts the memorable song 'Shut your F**king Face, Uncle F**ker'.

South park


18. Start Mobile Wallpaper Gallery

What's that? You think Apple would be fine with an app on its store that has a pocket-sized version of the Obama 'Hope' image that hangs in the Smithsonian? Nope. It was rejected, hilariously, for "ridiculing public figures". Clearly, the Apple reviewer hated art, Democrats, or both. The app was eventually approved via 'expedited review'.

Start mobile wallpaper gallery

19. StarTime

This Star Trek homage clock was beamed up to the sin-bin for "resemblance to a well-known third-party mark," despite using no official imagery nor using the phrase 'Star Trek'. It was eventually approved with minor changes.


20. Tweetie

An update for this Twitter client had the bad luck to get reviewed when a rather rude word was trending on Twitter. It was therefore booted due to offensive content - content every other Twitter client (and Safari) could access that day. Approved after resubmission and a swift lesson to the App Store review team regarding Twitter trends. Tweetie has since been superseded by Tweetie 2.