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Western Digital demoes intriguing SSHD prototype

The prototype was built using this WD Black drive.
The prototype was built using this WD Black drive.

An event dedicated to storage, Storage Visions, is taking place at the same time in Las Vegas as CES and Western Digital showcased a new storage solution that uses a discrete SSD and a HDD.

The drive was presented as the "world's fastest 4TB Hybrid Drive", using a 128GB SSD and a 4TB hard disk drive.

Western Digital made it clear that it was a dual-drive model at this stage and was nothing more than a prototype based around its existing 3.5-inch WD Black HDD.

A 2.5-inch model is also planned, one that will use, like the current version, the PCIe channel (but possibly sans the SATA Express connector adopted by its desktop counterpart).

Asrock and Gigabyte both had motherboards sporting WD's dual-drive storage solution, with the former promising theoretical speeds of up to 10Gbps with using RAID-0.

Whether dual-drive solution will prove to be competitive with existing solid state hybrid drives like the Seagate Momentus XT or the WD Black 2 remains to be seen.

Via Anandtech