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PC Format is one of the UK's oldest home PC magazines
PC Format is one of the UK's oldest home PC magazines

There are three things in life you can be sure of: death, taxes and PCFormat being a cracking good read from start to finish.

Those first two aren't too enticing, so go nuts on PCFormat instead. It's packed to the engorged gills with hardware and gaming news, previews and reviews.

They somehow manage to squeeze in gallons of features in each issue as well – covering everything from optimising Windows for gaming through to the state of the PC gaming industry.

Whether you're into using your PC to play back movies in your living room, overclocking your rig to take on the world, or up for a more relaxing few hours fragging everyone in sight, PCFormat is there to aid, entertain, inform and more often than not, surprise.

We're every bit as passionate as making the magazine as we are about PCs, which is why we're on your side to help separate the wheat from the chaff, whether that's the latest shooter or the newest graphics cards.

Whatever you use your PC for - we're here to help and entertain.

Alan Dexter,


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