ChatGPT for Me is an AI chatbot that knows everything about you

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If you’ve been enjoying using Google Bard and ChatGPT but wished that they could do more to help you manage your life then the newly announced ChatGPT for Me tool could be just what you need.

Powered by OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model, ChatGPT for Me will be an upgrade to the existing Rewind Mac app. Once installed, Rewind logs everything you do, see, and hear on your Mac computer, from the websites you visit, to the words you type, to what’s said in video calls you attend; it’s all captured by Rewind and stored locally on your PC.

While this level of tracking does sound quite invasive, the advantage of it is you can then use Rewind to skim back through your timeline and retrace your digital footsteps. Trying to remember where you saw that amazing cake recipe? You can use Rewind’s search tool to help find it. Alternatively, you could use Rewind to remember the important details that were said at the end of a meeting you were in yesterday or to help you out in a variety of other ways.

Your own AI personal assistant 

ChatGPT for Me will enhance this experience by helping to not only source the details you’re looking for but can quickly summarize them into a concise chunk of text.

As shown in the ChatGPT for Me demo, a user was able to ask “How do I know Sam Altman” and the bot served up a quick description of Altman, how he's related to the question asker, and sources for where it got this info (which includes email correspondence, YouTube videos, and social media profiles).

ChatGPT for Me being used to summarize how the user knows a person

ChatGPT for Me being used to summarize how the user knows a person. (Image credit: Rewind.AI)

Alongside its ability to jog your memory with summaries, ChatGPT for Me can make it easier to find info from your Rewind timeline. If you’re trying to find that cake recipe but the phrase “cake recipe” didn’t actually appear on the page you want then Rewind likely won’t find what you’re looking for. ChatGPT for Me can apparently be asked to look for phrases that are merely similar to what you’re searching for, and so should be able to help locate that delicious-sounding ‘Batenburg recipe’.

If you want to try out Rewind’s ChatGPT for Me tool you’ll need to sign up for the service and join the waiting list. Rewind Pro customers will apparently get priority access to the service.

Or if ChatGPT for Me sounds too invasive, why not sign up for Bing Chat and sign up for Google Bard and try some AI tools that apparently aren’t using your personal data – even if they tell you they are?

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