Car tech: Lotus ice vehicle and real functioning Landspeeder

Lotus has unveiled a machine reminiscent of one of Q's finest, while a Star Wars nut has built a Landspeeder.

The propeller-powered Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle has been built by the company specially to withstand a 3,000 mile voyage across Antarctica.

Running on biofuel (the Antarctic, after all, being a bad place to help melt ice caps), the CIV can still clock up 84mph and weighs in at just 360kg, meaning it can be pulled by hand across uneven terrain.

It's pretty unlikely to splutter and stall on those cold South Pole mornings, too – working perfectly at as low as -72 degrees Celsius.

"Antarctica remains one of the world's great mysteries," said Kieron Bradley, an ex-Formula 1 designer, who built the innovative buggy.

"The process has been one big learning curve."

Using a special built-in radar to detect dangerous pits and crevasses under the frozen floor, the CIV will soon set off on a trip to the South Pole, piloted by explorers Andrew Moon and Andrew Regan (though followed by crew in safe and ordinary six-wheel drives, just in case).

Might not even take you as far as Anchorhead...

Meanwhile, in the US, uber-geek Daniel Deutsch has put together a dead spit of Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder from Star Wars, and he claims it's perfectly driveable.

Although it's not as fast as Luke's, reaching only 25mph, and (presumably) doesn't actually hover above the ground, the fibreglass and aluminium creation certainly looks the part, sharing all the dimensions of the original prop.

Deutsch would like to point out that the Landspeeder is NOT for sale, so… just stop right there. You'll just have to admire the picture and leave it at that.