Uber celebrates one year and one million rides in Sydney


It's been one year since UberX launched in Sydney, and to celebrate everyone's favourite taxi alternative is throwing a statistics party. And by that we mean Uber's released some interesting stats about its first year of operation in Sydney. Things are about to get wild!

In the last year, UberX has completed one million trips (sadly not including the Uber water taxi trial) and produced an average arrival time of 4.1 minutes, which is not too shabby at all.

That figure will certainly be of interest to anyone familiar with the frustration of trying to hail a taxi home after a particularly indulgent night out. And never is that frustration more evident than after 1:30am in the Sydney CBD.

Lock, stock and Uber

With Sydney's venue lockouts in effect, 1:30 always sees a sudden surge of people looking to get home, accompanied by a desperate lack of taxis. And into the void steps Uber, claiming to have helped 50,000 Sydneysiders get home on Friday and Saturday nights after lockouts.

Frequent pickup points include Mr Crackles on Oxford St, The Star, Cargo Lounge, and popular Kings Cross venues Hugos and World Bar.

Uber claims to have helped create over 3,000 jobs in Sydney, and boasts that its drivers typically take home $2500 per month for 20 hours of work per week.

And Uber's national figures are even more impressive, with Australians using the service to travel over 20 million kilometres. That's equal to 26 trips to the moon and back.