Nikon D90: first DSLR to feature video recording

the Nikon D90 is a successor to the company's D80 model
the Nikon D90 is a successor to the company's D80 model

Nikon has officially unveiled the Nikon D90 in the UK, days before it's to 'premiere' in IFA.

Big news is that is has been given a 12MP sensor that's capable of shooting 4.5 frames a second, there's also live view which is frequently becoming the view of choice for DSLR users and it looks like geotagging will be a reality, with the D90 rumoured to be equipped with GPS capabilities.

Video recording

One of the biggest surprises is that the Nikon D90 is set to be the first DSLR to shoot video as well as stills. Because of this, the camera also comes equipped with a microphone grill. Your footage can be played back on your TV via an HDMI cable.

You are limited to how much footage you can shoot at any one time, though - users will only be able to record 5 minutes' worth. The video mode also doesn't offer auto focus or auto exposure.

The D90 features a new lens, too. The camera is said to come equipped with a 18-105mm f3.5-5.6G DX VR.

There's also a new option, where you can view a massive 72 thumbnails on the LCD screen at once. There's also a rather nifty 'Calendar' option, which allows you to sift through images by date.

GPS not included, but...

Although the D90 does not automatically come with geo-tagging or wi-fi, a brace of new accessories can bring it bang up to date. Nikon's GP1 GPS dongle can be attached to the camera and also a variety of Nikon cameras, including the recently announced Coolpix P6000, the D3, D300 and D700.

And uploading your snaps via wi-fi just easier, with the announcement that the D90 works closely with Eye-Fi SD cards (wi-fi-capable memory cards). The D90 comes with a specific Eye-Fi menu, and also manages its power settings automatically.

The Nikon D90 should be in the shops at the end of September. Price-wise, you are looking at a body only version for £699.99 or if you want the full kit (ie, with the new 18-105mm lens), this will cost £849.99.

The GP1 will be in the shops by November, but pricing for this has yet to be announced.

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