BT Broadband gives parents power to pause the very internet itself with Wi-Fi Controls

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(Image credit: BT)

BT has announced a new free update, called Wi-Fi Controls, that allows parents far greater control over their internet. This new feature that now comes with all BT Broadband deals is aimed at parents that want to manage family screen time more healthily.

Of the all the many broadband deals out there right now, this new feature certainly helps BT's appeal. Wi-Fi Controls is for those with a Smart Hub 2 only, allowing more control over that device including the ability to stop the internet. Yup, using the MyBT app parents can pause the internet for specific devices.

Up to 15 devices can be controlled via the Wi-Fi Controls feature which means parents can schedule and pause the connection for as little or as long as they like. There is also the ability to set up groups, so you could have one set of rules for a certain age of children and another for a different age. The idea is to offer a way to control screen time so families can spend more time together.

Carolyn Bunting, Chief Executive of Internet Matters, commented: "One size doesn’t fit all, so setting up groups of devices that can be online at different times will help parents balance different screen time needs.

"Involving children in the process of setting age appropriate limits on how long they can spend online, at what times and on which platforms, is the best way of making sure they have a healthy mix of screen activity."

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