Marvel to sell 'motion' comics via iTunes

Marvel in iTunes link-up
Marvel in iTunes link-up

Marvel Entertainment announced this week at the Digital Media Panel at New York Comic Con that it is to begin selling motion comics via Apple's iTunes Store.

Called In-Motion comic books, Marvel is currently working with legendary artist Neal Adams and Continuity Studios to develop the series of graphic novels.

As with other motion comics already on sale through iTunes, the comics will feature spoken dialogue and panels that appear to be animated.

Comic-book writer Brian Michael Bendis was at Comic Con to preview an upcoming animated issues, and said about the project: "With any new medium comes a new storytelling language.

"It's more than just taking the images and moving them around the screen. There's a new storytelling language that's emerging every time we work on it and we're really excited for where that takes us."


The In-Motion comic that was previewed was from Astonishing X-Men, written by Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon.

In a surprising move, iTunes will get some new comics before they appear in print. Out sometime in February will be a new Spider-Woman motion comic. This will be the first title produced specifically for the new digital medium.

Once Spider-Woman has appeared on iTunes and, the comic will then appear in the shops.

Pricing was not discussed at the Digital Media Panel, other than there would be various prices, depending on what In-Motion comic is available to buy.

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