Best of week's round-up

NaimNet: AV meets IP for multi-room love-in
IP networking is the Next Big Thing in multi-room audio/video - and Naim Audio is the first UK company to get there. And how. In the 12 months since the company previewed NaimNet at the CEDIA Expo 2006, the company has launched a whole range of products

Sony defiant over poor PS3 console sales
Sony has lashed out at Nintendo and Microsoft, accusing its two console rivals of bribing games developers to cheat their way to the top. SCEA boss Jack Tretton criticised the "different approach" that its rivals have taken

Power saving efforts thwarted by new gadgets
Modern day power-hungry gadgets are thwarting our efforts to save energy in our homes. A new report says that our efforts to become more energy efficient are being cancelled out by our appetite for electricity-guzzling hi-tech appliances

Xbox 360 Elite gets autumn Japan release
The Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite is to be released in Japan this coming October. Microsoft made the announcement today, sparking even more rumours that a European release could be close

Why powering your gadgets costs £400 a year
The average British family home is now so full of items like plasma TVs, games consoles and digital radios that it's costing us an average of £400 per year just to power the things. And that's without counting other power-hungry items

Nintendo launches DS camera add-on
Nintendo is to launch a camera add-on peripheral for its world-beating Nintendo DS handheld games console. It's designed to slot into the GBA

Dirty tactics used in pirated movie warfare
An anti-piracy group has been caught red-handed trying to ensnare would-be movie pirates by setting up a phoney P2P film sharing website. The curiously-titled was set up by Media Defender, a bloodhound anti-piracy organisation

Microsoft to fix all broken Xbox 360 consoles
Brilliant news for Xbox 360 gamers: Microsoft has made the announcement that it's going to expand all Xbox 360 warranty cover to three years. Microsoft will repair the 'three flashing red lights of death' problem for all new and exisitng customers

PlayStation 3 set for $100 US price slash
The Sony PlayStation 3 console is being primed for a $100 (£50) price cut in America. There has been no confirmation from SCEA so far, but GameDaily Biz claims to have got wind of the info through sources in the retail industry.