Best free movies to stream online in Australia


Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime and Foxtel Now offer an ever-growing selection of movies which can be streamed to TV, computer or other compatible devices at a
moment's notice — so long as you've got an active subscription and coughing up money for the privilege. 

Of course, if you're happy to pay for the latest streaming films, there are dozens of great movie night options on Netflix and Stan, which you can find below.

Bearing in mind that multiple monthly subscriptions can cost you quite a bit of money in the long run, we've put together a list of great movies that you can watch online without paying a cent, meaning you won't have to enter your credit card details to receive hours and hours worth of entertainment. Best of all, you won't have to do anything shady or illegal to stream then!

Hosted on a number of quality catch-up and streaming services, these entertaining films have been sorted into genres so you can more easily find a film for whichever mood you happen to be in. We'll be adding more movies over time, so remember to check back often for more free movies.