Best Buy's initial Samsung Galaxy S21 deals include $50 rebates for activation plus $200 freebies

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals best buy preorder
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If you're thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy S21 deal upfront, Best Buy currently has a small, but welcome activation rebate of up to $50 that can be redeemed separately or stacked on top of any number of trade-in options right now.

There are quite a few carriers and retailers offering excellent Samsung Galaxy S21 deals currently, including the official offerings from Samsung itself, but Best Buy is the only one offering a cheeky little bonus for activation.

If you're pre-ordering as part of the initial first wave, Best Buy will also throw in $200 of free Samsung store credit plus a free Galaxy SmartTag - a new little location tracker from Samsung that's the perfect addition to any set of keys. This in itself is not a Best Buy-exclusive Galaxy S21 deal, but it's a great freebie that's worth taking note of.

As with most new phone releases, the absolute cheapest way to get a new phone overall is with a trade-in, which is another good option at Best Buy. You'll currently get up to $750 for newer phones like the Note 20 or an iPhone 12, though you can still get quite a respectable $200 for older phones like the Galaxy S8. As far as we can see you can actually trade-in and get an activation rebate, although we expect specifics to differ depending on which network you're upgrading with, so definitely read the fine print before you commit with such a hefty purchase.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 deals at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy S21: save $30 with activation, $200 freebies, plus trade-in options at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy S21: save $30 with activation, $200 freebies, plus trade-in options at Best Buy
Best Buy's initial round of Galaxy S21 deals include a neat little $30 rebate if you activate it as soon as is delivered. By itself, that's not too much, but it's currently the cheapest price for an unlocked device and you've got plenty of trade-in options too. Plus, if you pre-order now as part of the first wave you'll also get $200 of free credit at the Samsung online store, plus a free Galaxy SmartTag.

  • Best Buy - save on activations for the entire Galaxy S21 range
  • Samsung - trade-in offers for unlocked Galaxy S21 deals
  • Verizon - save $750 with trade-in, plus $250 with a switch
  • AT&T - save $800 on a Galaxy S21 deal with a trade-in 

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