Battlegrounds Mobile India players will lose access to PUBG Mobile

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally available for gamers across the country, bringing the game experience they all missed in a new package. While most of what made PUBG Mobile great has been retained, players might never be able to play it again.

In our Battlegrounds Mobile India review, we couldn’t see any difference between it and the game it is meant to replace. In fact, users will also be able to get all of their progress and data from PUBG Mobile to the new game via a nifty data migration option. However, be warned that it is a one-way street — moving to BGMI means losing access to PUBG.

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When a player opens Battlegrounds Mobile India for the first time, they will get an option to transfer all account data from PUBG Mobile, bringing the entire game progress, weapons, skins, emotes, merit, titles and other unlockables to the new game. It’s a pretty straightforward process that just requires user consent in a few places, followed by a log-in to Facebook or Twitter — whichever one was used for PUBG. 

While having the option to carry forward all progress and purchases is a sigh of relief, it does come with a caveat: users will no longer be able to play PUBG Mobile, at least not with the same account. 

Migration will be available till December 31, 2021, only.

If a migrated player tries to open PUBG Mobile, they will be greeted with an error message that reads “Your account data has migrated to another version. Cannot log in to this version. Please download the correct version before trying again.” with no option to proceed further.

This shouldn’t be a problem for most users, except those who used to play (officially or unofficially) PUBG Mobile till now, as they will have to get their entire squads to migrate to Battlegrounds Mobile India. If their teams included players from other countries, then it gets even trickier as BGMI is meant only for India. And even if they figure out a way to play it from abroad, they will also have to forego access to PUBG Mobile.


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