Battlefield 1’s monthly updates will end in June

EA DICE has announced that as of June 2018 Battlefield 1’s monthly updates will come to an end. 

Writing in a new blog post, DICE content lead Jonas Elfving said that up until June, players can continue to expect the regular content additions as well as changes and bug fixes. That doesn’t mean that after June support for the game will just end. It will, however, wind down slightly. 

This is to be expected given that Battlefield 1 has been out for around a year and a half. Not only that, the studio is now gearing up for the next game in the franchise, which is rumored to be set in WW2 and called Battlefield V. So, it makes a lot of sense for DICE to start pulling away from Battlefield 1 in preparation. 

Marching on

Elfving does finish up his post by entreating players to “keep jumping in to Battlefield 1 regularly”, adding that they “don’t want to miss what’s coming” in the next couple of months.

Already, the Rupture map from the They Shall Not Pass expansion has been made freely available to everyone, with more maps coming in May. A brand new mode called Shock Operations is also due to launch in June. 

This mode will support 40 players and will split them into attackers and defenders of sectors. Although this mode sounds similar to Operations mode, it’s focused on one single map making it a good alternative for players who don’t have the time to play through a full Operations match. 

As attention turns away from Battlefield 1, we're expecting to see and hear more from the next Battlefield at E3 2018.

Emma Boyle

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